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Re: Oxford game.

different perspective than maybe people saw on iFollow as I can watch in the ground (PA with no fans to announce too, yeah strange I know!)

We missed Sangare picking up second balls from the strikers, first half everything went to Dions head or chest, he battled well to be fair but lots of loose balls that Oxford won every time.
Allan came us to as an attacking winger, must be hard for him playing more defensively; haven’t been too impressed with him however again it’s a new role for him plus men’s football so will give him benefit of doubt.
Rodgers seems to be our new Zanzala in the sense I want to love him but he is a completely different player to the one we first had on loan. I saw him at Nelson where their centre forward had him on string all game and at Padiham too. Both Zehn Mohammed and Regan Ogle looked much more composed and experienced in both games. He played on the right of a back 3 in those; and to be fair I still had hope for him in yesterday’s game as he played wing back; hoping for him to bomb forward like the Harvey Rodgers we had first on loan. Nope, he was out of his depth and looked shaky, confidence has been torn to pieces. Out of position, sloppy with the ball. Feel he would benefit from dropping a few leagues to gain minutes and confidence.
Clear we missed Conneely in the first half, Sama just didn’t get on the ball and get it moving, especially from Goal Kicks when the Oxford forwards blocked off the short pass to Hughes or Sykes, leaving an acre of space for Sama to receive and drive into.
Not a fan of Pritchard playing central, think he would actually make a half decent wing back, he excelled last season out wide in Sean’s absence and did well defensively , something we seem to be needing at the moment if Coley is to stick to his preferred formation (not a fan myself but then again I don’t have 4 promotions to my name as a manager...)
Bishop came on and won most of his arial challenges but again no number 10 attacking midfielder to pick up second balls.
For what it’s worth I’d of put Sama at RWB at half time, put Conneely on for Rodgers and put Allen in the hole with Pritchard out wide, and then Bishop for Cassidy.
Red card was baffling, from what I could see Charles shoved Eastwood who was trying to square up to one of our players. Eastwood retaliated and didn’t even get booked. Made me chuckle the Oxford commentators in front of me baffled it was even a pen when Rodgers got wiped out. Regardless that ok the punch was accidental and Eastwood was clearly trying to get the ball, he missed it and it was a late challenge so clearly a pen. Surprised that Bishop grabbed the ball initially but Cassidy took it off him after brief discussion.

2 wins from 5 this season. 1 in 3 in the league and we’ve played Peterborough and Oxford who I expect will both be up at the top end of season.
Another big 3 games ahead, all winnable and all losable. Imagine not liking football!
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