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I like Sama. Don't think he's comfortable in the side yet at all. Probably a lack of competitive football (at any level). He's a defensive link up player, but at the moment only (able, willing or confident enough) to play short passes. The difference was when Seamus came on (full of confidence and plenty of competitive games with Stanley) he played better more forward thinking creative passes to teammates. Never thought I'd be making those comments about Seamus......what a good player he really is.

Oxford looked the bees knees today, can't think why they haven't won any league games until today. I suspect they were short of confidence before the game but as we didn't pose much of an attacking threat they gained in confidence, in possession and pressing us high without it. The first goal, somewhat of a scramble with us failing to clear the ball from our box. Their reward was the goal and it lifted them further. Even though we were much better second half they defended well. Not sure of the value of both teams on paper, but that and the difference in level of wages paid must have been massive. Still we can always say that with most teams we play, not meant as an excuse.

Difficult to comment on the bizarre incidents in the game. It all happens far too fast in real time and its difficult to see properly on one camera looking at a group of players. Dion's not a stamping kind of player. Would love to hear what the assistant referee actually saw, he must have been looking at Dion from behind.........Rogers punched after the ball had gone by their keeper not deliberately but late.....and the own goal, well they happen......Hughes clearance deflected off Pritchard and Toby has no chance.....we'll get one or two of those later in the season, all teams do.

We missed Sangare and Uwakwe.......lets hope they play more games than they miss and that they aren't prone to injury.

I'm really looking forward to watching the rest of the games this season and although I'm missing Home match days at the club. At least with iFollow I can watch the away games as well at 3pm on Saturdays....Brilliant......

Your comments on Sama are guite interesting personally think he would be better at right back maybe time to revert to a back four
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