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Dave Walsh

Re: Wadington Street

I 've just seen your Thread Walshie [that's what they call my son at the Rammy Cricket Club]. Take a look at my posts starting with the first one about Church District [20/6/13]. Titled "Regular Churchgoer," it caused some confusion at first. I came on here looking at Walsh history as well but I ended up fascinated with the area and Model Lodging Houses etc. I was trying to prove my Irish ancestry but that hasn't gone so well although there is now a fascinating trail back to the 1700's and a male Walsh [actually fathered by a Mr Riley] but acknowledged and accepted in the Church records to be a Walsh!

Geographically we've only really gone as far as Altham. There seems to be Walshes originating from the Irish Mainland and a separate cluster of Lancashire based Walshes but I'm still working on that and were they all start from. I'm resident in Ramsbottm but live in Sussex as well. I had recalled going to the Coulters Irish Club in Accy a few decades back and assumed a strong Irish population but others have told me more recently that's not so! There was one Irish family in Church I believe but I've not contacted them so far. "Events dear boy, events! as a Prime Minister once said. Great Pie Shop in Church though.

Dave Walsh
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