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Re: A month ago today.

Originally Posted by taddy View Post
I have just been reading an old article in the Daily Mail dated September 16th,2020.
Anthony Eden, British Foreign Secretary, today warned the 16-Nation consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe that Britain might become politically seperated from the Continent if nations go off on their own and form an exclusive federation in Europe.
It has taken sixty eight years but we are almost there, let Britains be British or as I always put on any forms that ask for my Ethnic Origin, I use a quote from Tony Hancocks "Hancocks half hour".
"I am Anglo Saxon with a dash of Viking".
Your's, the Luddite.
Yes, it has been a long time coming.
I will rejoice heartily when we are finally free of the shackles of the EU.

I haven't a clue whether I am Anglo Saxon...or whether I have any Viking blood(maybe I have because I can be quite fierce...or so I am told).
I never wanted to be part of Europe....I am British through and through.
We are fast approaching a time of ultimate inversion.
A time where governments can do anything they want, but where citizens may act only by permission - Ayn Rand

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