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Re: A month ago today.

Originally Posted by pifco View Post
I disagree Taddy there were women vikings who always seemed to wear skimpy animal hide bikinis whilst their menfolk always wore bearskins and never washed whereas the women always appeared to have bathed and then shaped their eyebrows and put on mascara and eye shadow.
Oh, dearie me.... does that mean I cannot have Viking blood?
It cannot be true that there were no Viking women.....where would baby Viking
males come from?
No Taddy don't tell me....I know. I remember human biology well enough.
I would not be wearing a skimpy elk skin bikini(after all weren't the Viking lands a bit on the chilly side?)
Didn't we get 15 tog duvets from the Scandinavian countries?...yet these women were running about in skimpy fur underthings and no overthings.

Methinks it was just a Hollywood ploy to get men to put their bums on Cinema seats.
These anti-cynical pills are not doing their job today.
We are fast approaching a time of ultimate inversion.
A time where governments can do anything they want, but where citizens may act only by permission - Ayn Rand

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