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UK Null Punt!!!

Anyone bother to suffer through the yearly political "we're not your mates anymore so yer gettin' nothing from us!" carry on that goes by the laughable moniker of the European song contest last night?

Was over at my mates for a bit of banter, beers, scoff & a comfy bed for the night, good do all round really but fools that we were the "Idiot box" got turned on around the last song & the tallying up! (Oy Dotti, your crowd have got some explaining to do! ), the groans of disbelief at the unbelievably blatant complete & utter nepotism & cronyism were legion, still it's what we've come to expect from this yearly groanfest.

Anywho, the main reason for writing is not to complain as such because it wouldn't be eurovision without the carry on & chicanery. No, I write as a proud, loyal & patriotic Englishman rejoicing in the fact that we scored "Nul punt!". My cup runneth over with merriment & pride at our performance amongst our enemies & snakeoil "friends" in europe ...... long may it so remain & in the words or Barmy Barnier, JC Junky & the Jackbooted Iron knickered harridan Ursey can't stop lyin' .... Brexit has consequences!

Yet who'd a thunk it would also cause such Pride & Patriotism for the free citizens of the Mother country?
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