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Adopt A...

...Snow Leopard, Gorilla, Dolphin,Tiger, Polar bear, (other endangered species exist not just those mentioned).

Now, I don't wish to stop anyone from donating if they really wish,
however this is just not for me because the figures don't really add up and also at my age,
I really don't fancy the responsibility of feeding and mucking out after an Elephant, plus all those flights to and from Africa would ruin my carbon footprint.
There are around 66 million of us in this country alone, no doubt these ads are being transmitted to other Countries to add to their guilt fest as well, but lets just stick with the U.K.
If we can all adopt our own creature 70 million isn't exactly what I would call endangered, perhaps more like the threat of overpopulation?

Well of course not, when they say adopt, they are really saying, share the adoption of a,b or c which means you aren't being offered a complete animal for your 2 or 3 pounds a month (trade description abuse?).

Another part of the deal is a cuddly toy facsimile of the creature/s you adopt (what bloody use have I for a collection of cuddly toys?) this product is no doubt made from artificial fibres thus adding to the very global warming most of these animals are being threatened by.

The plight of animals is a concern for a great many of us I cannot see though how my spending monthly would help and if I were to adopt one of each of these beasts I would become endangered myself, I would starve to death not being able to afford to eat.
So rather than show favouritism by adopting only one or two at the expense of all the others I'll keep the money in my pocket thank you very much.

No animals were harmed by me during the making of this post others around the world however are guilty, make them pay.
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