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Re: Most Boring Car Owned

Originally Posted by monkey hanger View Post
i,ve forgeven a few old dogs in my time that have left me stranded and made a big hole in my pocket just because i liked the car.
you never forget the ones that really let you down.

Imagine a Vauxhall Chevette same colour as above with the extra flecks of rust in the paintwork, rotten sills, dodgy suspension and a passenger seat that wouldn't stay where it should.
I don't know why but I spent a fortune 'doing it up' but the more I put into it the more seemed to drop off. until eventually I traded it in for a Citron, (well, I really did need to get to work).
Even after we parted company it still haunted me, I got letters through the post from the DVLA wanting me to pay the road tax and another for tow-in fees from the M6 where it had been abandoned by it's new owner (who hadn't re-registered it). I think it had been abandoned probably due to the faulty fuel gauge, for some reason when you went on long journeys it would stick on 3/4 giving an overoptimistic estimate of how far it would be able to travel.
Yet I missed that clapped out old banger, not knowing if you would make it to journeys end added to the excitement of a very mediocre vehicle.
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