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Re: Whatever Has Happened To Sausages?

[QUOTE=Less;1255649]I only ask because normally I stab the hell out of them stick 'em under the grill, onto a couple of lumps of bread and chew.
Today, I noticed a difference, I was reading the instructions on what can and can't be recycled amongst the ridiculous amount of packaging (remember the days we bought them and they simply came in a wrapping of grease proof paper from the butcher) Anyhow, whilst squinting at the tiny printing that is mandatory on all such articles, I noticed the cooking instructions, mainly:-
(no I'm not shouting just making sure you can read it).
Surely the P.C. brigade hasn't enforced some rule against cruelty to sausages?
Anyhow I'd already pierced and cooked my sausages and we are both fine so I just wonder what is supposed to be different?

I have always assaulted, Stabbed, Pricked my bangers before sticking them under the grill for the simple reason that it stops them banging, (bursting),I really must read the the instruction next time I may have been doing in wrong for the last sixty years or so.
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