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[QUOTE=Bob Dobson;1255660]It seems likely that there is some link between all the 'field' names but there could be other explanations too. I cannot think of any other street names based on old English words. whereas there are streets named, as is Garfield, on American presidents (Washington & Grant)

Before the streets were laid out, around 1885, there was a fine house called 'Barnfield' occupied on the land by businessman Richard Parkinson. The land was owned by the Hargreaves family and is not far from their factory at Broad Oak. Before the factory, this was farmland and prhaps there was a barn there.

Beaconsfield is the name of a town in Buckinghamshire in which John Hargreaves owned an estate. The politician/MP Disraeli became 1st earl of Beaconsfield, so it is possible that John Hargreaves was honouring Dizzy, just as other landowners did.

Limefield appears to have no explanantion other than it ends in 'field'

It seems that my ancesters (could), have been landowners, Your's Taddy (Hadfield)
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