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What I want to know is....
When we all convert to electric cars(it won’t matter to me as I will probably be worm food by then) we come home from where ever we have been in them and all plug them in......will all the lights go off....the ovens shut down and all the computers go on the blink because they are sucking up so much power from a national grid that is inadequately powered by the wind turbines up on’t moors and out in the sea?

And these electric do they go on if they are full of people....on a frosty day...or a rainy one when you need the heater or the windscreen wipers?
Do you tell your passengers they have to listen to music on their phones as there is not enough juice to run the car audio.
Will you just get to the end of your road and find the ‘low power’ light flashing at you?

And on a journey on the run out of power and to charge this beast it takes four hours....are they going to be building entertainment complexes on service stations.

We are going to be back in the times when it took three days to get to London in a stage coach.....changing horses every coaching Inn.

Just asking.
I know there are adverts that say this car will do 267 miles on a charge.....but is that in optimum conditions and with a following wind. many car companies have lied about emissions...isn’t this along those lines?
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