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Re: Whatever Has Happened To Sausages?

Originally Posted by Margaret Pilkington View Post
I don’t know exactly what the man made (I have no problems with this terminology)portion of the skin is....but it includes collagen which is a naturally occurring protein....present in the connective tissue of mammals.
Quite a full explanation here:-

Though reading through I found this:-

Vegetarian casings
Some innovative coextrusion processes have been developed in recent years, allowing 100% plant-based vegetarian casings to be created. Some special alginate coextrusion equipment is required to make casings that can be used in halal or kosher food making
Now I can understand making cases for religious purposes, what I can't get my head around is why a vegetarian would want sausages unless they miss meat so much they have to create poor substitutes to compensate for their bland diet.
A similar amount of puzzlement grips me when I see vegetarian burgers WHY?
Can we come to some sort of agreement? We (the meat eaters) took the humble sausage and burgers to our hearts, we had them first, stop your meddling or we will have to start creating rump steak that looks and tastes to all the world like a Brussels Sprouts or Bacon dressed to look and taste just like a Cauliflower, you veggies just won't know what you're eating. (You have been warned).
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