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Yes, of course you need special charging ports...and we would be unable to purchase a car without having a place to charge the dratted thing......then of course there is the thorny (non green) issue of the materials that they make batteries from.
Did you know that it takes half a million gallons of water to extract the stuff to make one KG of lithium that goes into these anything that uses a lithium battery is anything but green.

all these children who were on Friday protests before the Pandemic...demonstrating in cities around the country...all of them had mobiles and many of those little green darlings were dropped of by parents in those less than green diesel vehicles.

We are being told that the way forward is electric.
It isn't.....because the current systems for generating the power are either unreliable(wind power) or just as damaging as gas because they rely on either fossil fuel or other far more dangerous alternatives(Chernobyl is a is Fukushima).

The move away from gas boilers for home heating is also a worry...the heat exchangers are costly to need to have larger radiators to provide the same level of warmth and they need to be installed in a large space outside your property...again our homes do not fit this bill.
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