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I pay less a month for the electric car than I did for the diesel before it and I have no fuel or road tax costs.

Yes you really need off road parking but I've sold them to people without who use rapid chargers which take 30 minutes for at least 80% charge.

For me personally I run them because its cheaper than a petrol or diesel and saves me money
i really doubt once electric vehicles become the main stream the owners will be on zero tax. plus the price of electric itself may or more likely be much higher than it presently is. possibly at the moment running on electric may be cheaper now than it will be in the future. the government needs to get their money from somewhere. it obviously will not happen but if everyone stopped smoking, only drove electric and ditched their current cars where is all this money to come from. i,m usually first in line looking for savings but i,ll never be sold over as i,d feel i,ve joined the lefties and greens by doing so. know its a cutting off my nose situation but i cannot help it. just hate the sods with a passion.
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