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We Happy Few

They say 'You never miss the water till the well runs dry!'
After almost 18 months of fan starvation, full capacity crowds were finally allowed back again on Saturday.
Supporters flooded back in droves to games across the country except, it seems, here in Accrington.
Of the 43 games in the FL, Stanley's attendance ranked 42, only one above Salford v Sutton (1460)
2077 fans for a L1 game is lamentable. Subtract the Ewe's fans and it's down to a pathetic 1754 home fans.
Following the recent ludicrously unfair fines imposed by the mob running the EFL, on top of recent (and continuing) investment in ground improvements, Mr Holt & the club must be wondering - 'Is it really worth it?'
No doubt success will increase gates. But if Stanley's season falters, can they survive with a mere 1700+ hard-core regulars?
It seems the people of Accrington are happy to pursue other interests on a Saturday, or perhaps they have no interest?
Apathy largely killed the last Accrington Stanley, it will be a sad day if it succeeds again.
Everyone agrees that Stanley are punching way above their weight, yet the ambition of the club and its fans is to go even higher.
All the blood, sweat, tears & money invested will have been in vain unless locals wake-up and realise how lucky they are to have a L1 football club.
Until that happens, I fear one day soon the well will finally run dry - for good!
Perhaps then they'll miss the water.
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