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This subject has been covered countless times on this forum different platforms chatting in the pub etc, I agree and said earlier season tickets sold at a bargain early bird price is disappointing but let's get some perspective certainly since Andy came in gates have improved. As he has stated just this week he overruled Coley on the Burgess transfer saying 3 million pounds have just been invested in facility,s and the training ground costs covered for the next 100 years. But the day to day running of the club exacerbated by Covid is losing money and he doesn't like losing money hence the sale. Let's be realistic gates have improved not so long ago we had a couple of hundred season ticket holders now we sell 1000+ progress. The difference now is we won't go bust but crowds especially with super new facilities and hopefully the away end improved then visiting fans will return instead of the one off and never going back to that dump which was regularly the case. We are punching probably 2 league,s above our weight but Coley and Co, want the Championship let's enjoy the ride it's never been has good. Full house,s in the Championship could happen but anyone thinking they will at this level every game are on cloud cuckoo land.
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