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Why oh why do some get so defensive when the legitimate subject of poor attendance is raised.
Is it any less important than some armchair experts droning on incessantly about which formation suits us best, or why all officials are useless?
There was no criticism of either the club or the hardcore fans who remain loyal in my 'We Happy Few' post - quite the opposite.
Rather it was a cry of despair that, after 15 years in the Football League - itself something of a miracle, attendances have remained at levels more often seen in non-league football.
Despite all our achievements - in reaching the heights of L1, of the cow-shed replaced by a brand new stand, improvements to toilet facilities, a new fanzone together with ongoing main stand development, it's sad that the people of Accrington remain largely apathetic.
Some quote historic reasons for this which are all valid. However, that was then & this is now.
When, after being denied access to football for 18 months, our gate is the second lowest of 43 games, we should all be concerned.
Yes! We have built it - but they still won't come!
Even Andy Holt has touched on this subject on twitter and says it is an immense task to entice more fans what I would say has changed in all the years I have been going is the noticeable increase in woman, young lads and families in attendance this is down IMHO to the improvement in facilities moaning on here won't improve gates we have to live with the fact we will always be smaller than a lot of others. But in time we may get enough to be self sufficient and that in its self would be an excellent achievement.
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