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Re: something wrong.

[QUOTE=DaveinGermany;1257190]So it escaped the confines of your trousers then? Do you do turns down the local Boozer ......

"Roll up, Roll up Folks!! Witness Mr.Tadstastic juggling live fiesty Frets down his pants while necking a Goblin!!!!"

Bet you go down a storm, are you the main act or just the warm up?

Yes I do take them down to my local, the first time I did it the young lass behind the bar recoiled in horror; "Ooh those things bite don't they", she almost screamed but after watching some of the children that I allow to stroke the little Polecat Female, things began to improve with mothers asking for photographs of their tots playing with the ferrets; Until, (someone?) complained to the council and the Lass who owns the pub had to say "I am sorry but I shall have to ask you not to bring them in any more, the Hygiene people are threatening to remove my licence". Thats ok I replied its not your fault but I can still sit in the beer garden with them, so all is not lost.
Happy days still to come.
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