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Re: A Modern Day Take On Getting Old.

I reckon I've got a smart just about everything, and love it, phone, T.V., sound system, meters, and on I could go, the hinderence is having to use so many remotes.
I know I can connect all to my phone and use that as a remote but usually if I want to change channels for example I'm playing a game so can't be bothered selecting the app.
Have been slowly considering putting everything on alexa like my kids have done, decided to look into it saw two books titled alexa for seniors (which I suspect means OAP'S) & alexa for dummies or similar title, first was 9.99 second was 5.95 they look to be by the same publisher and advertise similar content.
Well, this is one 'senior' that will buy a dummy, I suspect maybe just perhaps the extra cash is for the large print edition.
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