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Re: Netflix v Amazon

Originally Posted by accyman View Post
the USA netflix has a lot more variety and content than the UK netflix

netflix provide a substandard service in comparison for the UK

you used to be able to trick netflix pretty easily in to allowing you a USA account but they have tightened it up now so it is a lot more difficult to do

netflix UK is O.K as long as you arent aware of how much a better service they provide to other countries
I keep seeing partial videos on farcebook that are supposed to be on netflix.
Well not on Netflix UK they are not! grr.
While it may have some good stuff, it is very much populated with sub b/c rated films with bad sync, voiceovers and bad actors.

I can log onto both netflix and prime via my sky box or the pc etc.

That said, I'm almost finished watching all 5 series of "better call saul", after that I'll do breaking bad and on top "Bad Girls" season 4 has just been released so I'm watching that right now.

Amazon prime is good too although I have not watched that as much as its on the wifes account, prime 1 day delivery seem to be a myth now, many times things are way later than promised and non prime deliveries just as fast.

The free ebooks etc. the wife likes.

So we have prime, netflix and disney.... covers everyones tastes.
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