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Re: 2021/22 Prediction League; Game 6 v Shrewsbury Town (home)

Lots of Points, Few Maxis

Apologies for the delay in posting, a sneaky break away from my electronic brain followed by disruption to the even tenor of life to watch tennis on tele at 3 o'clock in the morning .....

Whatever, we were mostly confident of success against the furry pointy-nosed things , with only Monkey Hanger and StanleyJosh thinking we'd drop points .... and only StanleyHouse failing to register a vote. So 25 for us and 2 for the draw - both draws 1-1 so gaining a bonus point .

So then it comes down to, you got it right, right, but how right did you get it 3 points to be going on with , 1 more for trust in Toby, and yet 1 more for minimum necessary trust in our strike force makes a maxi.

By which time we're down to 3 high rollers, namely Stevie R, boosted from 16th to 9th, LongLostSon, 19th to 13th, and me 24th to 21st. So no dramatic effect on the leading positions ....

Which saw Cashman tie things up with Nige B at the top, a point ahead of MikeA and Shurm, with TomD and Div3North a further point back. And at the other end, StanleyHouse's absence saw him take up the strongest man's position , holding us all up.

And on we roll to confront the Black Moggies at the Stadium of Perpetual Gloom , while sharing the lead with them at the top of League 1 (not a phrase I ever expected to write when I started this). So, are you going to get carried away and expect Stanley to be top on our own on Saturday evening? Or are you going to expect we lose and find ourselves back in 9th (worst case I think)? Your position in the next edition of the Prediction League depends on whether your answer to that question matches the answer delivered at around 1650 tomorrow ....

On Stanley On!!
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