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Originally Posted by Crown Grounder View Post
You be embarrassed my friend...........I for one am not embarrassed about Accrington Stanley its achievements and its supporters. Your glass may be half empty, but mine is always half full.
Originally Posted by andyd View Post
Tuesday evening 21st, October 2014 3-1 victory against Hartlepool in league 2 attendance 947 and I was proud to be there to witness the victory. 4517 yesterday a rise of 377%. .
Firstly 'CG', I am not embarrassed about Accrington Stanley, a club I have been following since their Peel Park days - when attendances were something to be proud of.
My earlier post consisted of FACTS! regarding current attendance, which is beyond the control of the club.
Nor is it a criticism of the loyal hard-core fans who actually attend games - of whom I am one.
Yesterday's game involved a 90 mile round trip & cost me c.50 including travel, ticket, food & drink - so don't tell me I am embarrassed about my club.

Secondly 'andyd', I fail to see the relevance of your comparison with the Hartlepool game back in 2014?
Did Pool fans contribute 55% of the gate (as Wigan did). If not, then your estimation of an 377% increase from then to now is frankly absurd.
Why do so many on here get prickly & Oh so defensive when the subject of poor attendance is raised?
It's not my fault, your fault or the clubs fault. It's just a cold hard fact.
Unfortunately, you can't argue with facts. Even though they may be embarrassing.

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