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Re: 2021/22 Prediction League; Game 8 v Wigan Athletic (home)

Well, Nobody Saw That One Coming ...

Which is not to say nobody thought we'd lose , 5 of you did that, but none of them thought we'd ship 4 . Taypot got closest with 3-1 down, but his 4 points were also gained by Monkey Hanger, Shurm and Valairian who went 2-1, StanleyJosh's 2-0 only providing him with 3 . 5 others gained a bonus point for Stanley's goal while guessing a win or a draw, but slim pickings generally.

Now to the table - and first of all an apology because last week's table seems to have been a complete horlicks (other soothing bed-time drinks are available). No idea what happened , which is worrying because it might happen again . I think I've got it right now, but will be doing some slow-time checking this week. Also worrying that none of you noticed ........ does nobody (sob) care?

So I won't be referring back to where people were last week, as maybe they weren't ...... anyway, Shurm now appears to be our leader, 4 points clear of Nige B, with Taypot and Valairian sharing 3rd spot a further point behind. Cashman and Ossy Kid are sharing 5th, but a single point covers 5th to 10th.

Returning to the real world, the 4 teams who have beaten us this season are all now in the top 5 of the League 1 table, and 3 of the ones we have done it to, as D3N might put it, make up the bottom 3. Our other victims, Cambridge, are just a point and 3 places behind us with a game in hand. Our next 4 games are all against teams still below us, despite our recent hiccups - so roll on the Shrimps, who did seem to like to give us points in League 2 - let's hope nothing has changed
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