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"The first yellow was wrong - as it was a corner - but, a few minutes after that, the referee went to his pocket to book Ross again - then realised he was on a yellow - but, gave him a good talking to, this was the time to take him off!"

Mate - the first yellow was right. You can't gob off like Ross has a tendency to do at the ref whether the decision was right or wrong. He wants to be kissing Toby's &*% because that assist has got him out of jail - for now.
the rights or wrongs about the first caution does not come into is as it happened. surely as you say it was time to sub him straight away after his talking too. Think everyone knew that his next foul would result in another caution resulting in a sending off. if it had been the other way round coley would have been first to blow a gasket if their lad had stayed on the pitch.
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