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Re: 2021/22 Prediction League Game 38; v Charlton Athletic (home)

Shurm Eases Away A Tad

Four pessimists (Kiwi, Ossy Kid, Taypot and Valairian) got nowt , three drawmongers (AccyTom18, Lord Stiffy and LongLost) got a single bonus point , and Monkey Hanger and Leylandii were missing in action . Otherwise, it was at least 3 points all round for our regulars .....

Leader Shurm took his third maxi of the season to increase his lead over his 3 closest pursuers to a still very skinny 3 points. Said pursuers (Cashy, Stevie R and Nige B) all took 4 and remain separated only on countback. Below them, the gap widened, as of the next 5 only Mike A got anything at all (and only 3 at that), but another maxi went to Tommy McQueen to take him from 10th to 7th. Ange B also maxied, enough to lift her from 13th to the foot of the top table, as did Choirboy (16th to 13th), Watchdog (19th to 17th) and Mab (21st to 19th).

Nearly everybody else got 4 , so relative positional changes were relatively few.

So ... deep breath ... roll on Wednesday (finally ) on Tuesday, with us hoping they'll think they've scored enough for this week, having put 6 past Cambridge yesterday . More would just be greedy, don't you think ? And surely we're due our first away point (or three) of 2022 .....

On Stanley On!!
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