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Re: 2021/22 Prediction League Game 45; v Lincoln City (home)

Shurm's Back With A Maxi, And A Nose In Front

Well, we couldn't have asked for a tighter finish . One game to go, 5 points on offer, and 4 points covering our remaining 5 contenders . Shurm on 91, Stevie R on 90, Nige B on 89, Ange B on 88 and Mike A on 87. Cashman and Taypot best of the rest, but out of contention on 82 . And the last game is going to be really hard to call .....

So what happened today? Well, 16 of us correctly saw a winning end to the home season , with 6 on the fence and just Valairian and Taypot forecasting doom and gloom, both scoring nowt . Tidily, the drawmongers all picked up one bonus point. This bunch included Stevie, opening the door for Shurm's comeback, and Cashy, putting paid to his slim hopes of a dazzling finish .

The loyalists landed 7 maxis between them, critically including Shurm, who thereby regained his lead, and Ange who closed the gap to Nige again . Another 7, including everybody else in the Top 10 not yet mentioned, landed a bonus point to take 4 . Also on 4 was Stanley Josh, enough for him to climb from 11th to take the last place in the elite from pointless Val. Which left just me and DaveinGermany claiming the bare 3 points for getting it right and totally wrong .

The others claiming maxis, and their movements, if any, were Choirboy (15th to 14th), LongLostSon (staying 16th), Mab (18th to 17th), Div3North (25th) and Mab (26th).

So off we womble to Plough Lane to meet a side who will be in with a chance of survival only if (1) they beat us and (2) Gillingham (or, perhaps, Fleetwood) lose (which they well might). Which is why I suggested this will be hard to call, especially with Toby, presumably, stupidly unavailable.

And I am really p'd off with the 1230 ko, a morning commitment means I now can't make a game I've been looking forward to since the fixtures came out .... Hey ho .....

On Stanley On!!
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