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Re: Squad for Season 2022/23

Squad for Season 2022/23.

All players including some U23’s on contracts.

I will try to keep this updated as the summer progresses and regarding any transfer activity etc.
New signing Matt Lowe, midfield or striker, from Brackley
Goalkeepers ?
Toby Savin: (contract until 2023)
Liam Isherwood (contract for 2022-2023 season)

Michael Nottingham (contract until 2023)
Mitch Clark (contract until 2023)
Harvey Rodgers (contract until 2023)
Archie Procter (contract until 2023
Jay Rich-Baghuelou (contract for 2022-2023)
Ross Sykes (contract extension triggered)
Matty Carson (contract extension triggered)
Mo Sangare (contract until summer 2024)

Seamus Coneelly (contract until 2023)
Harry Pell (contract until 2023)
Joe Pritchard (contract until 2023)
David Morgan (contract until 2024)
Ethan Hamilton (contract until 2023)
Harry Perritt (contract until 2023)
Tommy Leigh (contract until 2023)
Emerich Poilly (contract until 2024)
Rossaire Longelo (contract for 2022-2023 season)
Tom Scully (contract for 2022-2023 season)
Liam Coyle (contract extension triggered)
Dylan Moonan (contract extension triggered)
Dan Martin (contract extension triggered)
Rhys Fenlon (contract extension triggered)
Oliver Patrick (contract extension triggered)
Matt Lowe (contract until 2024)

Joe Hardy (contract until 2023)
Korede Adedoyin (contract for 2022-2023 season)
Colby Bishop (contract extension triggered)
Sean McConville (contract extension triggered)
Josh Woods (contract extension triggered)
Jack Nolan (contract extension triggered)

Total = 32 Players
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