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Not long now before the start of our 17th season in the Football League

What are your thoughts on the season ahead??

Who is in your XI and how do they set up?

I have said this for a couple of seasons now, but we must be due a run in a cup?!?!?!

We have a big squad - for a change which is not something I fancy to be honest and I think we all know Coley has his 13/15 'core' players and does not deviate away from these, apart from bans and injuries!

What would be a decent season in your eyes and what would be a brilliant one?

Coley seems to be sticking with 3-5-2 (not for me, but I will bow down the the Genius)


Harvey Notts Jay Rich

Mitch Leigh Pell Macca Hamilton

Lowe Woods

The actual first team squad isn't that big 38 with 13 under 23,s in that and 2 loaners that leaves 23 and you can name upto 9 subs this season and use 5.

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