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Originally Posted by StanleyJosh View Post
fwiw, the pre season friendlies we seemed to be playing 4-2-3-1 for most games.
whilst i'm a fan of 2 strikers up front, i'd be happy with that formation if it meant we didn't play 3/5 at the back!

All being fit, my line up would be;

Clark Notts JRB Sangare
Coyle Hamilton
Pritchard Leigh McConville
I agree Josh about your comment on preferring 4 to 3 at the back, if you play 3 they have to all be very comfortable on the ball and know at all times were their fellow center,s are roaring upfront and trying to score is great but not when it leaves you horribly exposed at the back which happened far too much for my liking and the management probably on too many occasions both home and away last season.
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