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Re: Clayton End Roof

And so it came to pass that god said you will build a new and better life for yourselves and I will pick a leader that will take you forward, he will be of good character and have played a bit of footy in his time, he shall be called Eric (because Moses is already taken). He will lead you to pastures new like the conference and eventually you will reach the promised land of Full League status as it is written. He will need helpers who shall pick because of their footy backgrounds and one has the same initials as my boy JC, now be off and get on with it as I am busy sorting out Barrow and turning it in to a place people want to go to and I can only do so many miracles and this is a toughie.

So it came to pass (again) that Eric had to have words with the big man, this time because some of the followers were not the happiest because of rumor and gossip.

“I have come to have a quick word”

“Ok” says the big guy “what can I do for you?”

“Well it seems that the reason we didn’t get promoted is that we didn’t have a roof on the Clayton End and the followers asked me to have a word and see if you could do a little miracle and put a roof on”.

“Well I know its been a few years and your progressing well but I am still working on making Barrow a place that people want to live in and after that I had hoped to make Morecambe a town people want to visit and not throw up in, so as you can see I have two of the biggest jobs ever”.

“That’s true, but what shell I tell the followers”?

“Ok tell them when Barrow is habitable and Morecambe are not the laughing stock of Lancashire I will put on a nice new Red Roof”.

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