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Re: Tretton signs for Stanley

Originally Posted by Smiffy16

We'll match Hereford for everything this coming season, everything bar numbers of following......and that can be improved at our end.

Andy Tretton certainly looks in the potential to be a very very good signing by the club. He will offer very stiff competition to Flynny and Rocky. The Hereford fans on their forum seem generally gutted about losing 'Tretts' and they all seem to be bemused that he's joining a mid-table club.....which is true but we wont be this season.
lets not get too carried away. Lee Mac will be very hard to replace. Yes Tretton is an excellent signing but Coley still has work to do to make Stanley contenders next season. There is excellent foundations but all this talk of Stanley being world beaters next season is way off the mark at the moment. You have to put things into perspective.

Hereford are a bigger side in almost every way you look at it. That is not opinion it is pure fact.
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