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Re: Tretton signs for Stanley

Originally Posted by KIPAX
adam forget stanley.. you have slagged them off enough for one day..

hereford.. why are you saying they are a bigger club... your only answer so far is because its fact ? whats fact?.. why is a club on its way down the leagues a bigger club than one on its way up.. why is hereford bigger.. either explain yourself or stop putting stanley down by saying we are smaller than a team in a poor state..
are you thick? someone back me up here and how exactly am I slagging off Stanley? when exactly did I ever say Stanley were in a poor state.

In the same way that Chelsea are a bigger team than Accrington Stanley.....

Herford have...

...more money
...more fans
...a bigger ground
...a bigger income
...more season ticket sales
...more staff
...its a bigger town
...they are ex-league
...they finished 8 places above Stanley last 2 seasons

These are the facts and don't slag me off because I am not fond of Hereford at all.

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