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Uploading Pictures To The Gallery For Use On Site

Someone asked earlier today if they could load 'bigger' pictures to their posts?

By this it was meant instead of uploading the picture where a thumb nail has to be used to display the larger picture in a seperate window.

The simple answer is yes.

Before you do however make sure you've read this:-
Accyweb Photo Gallery Information

That information is over a year old now so with upgrades to the site and the server Roy may well alter some of those spec's, we'll see.

Heres how:-
Firstly go to the Gallery a link to it can be found at the top of any page.

Three buttons, My Photos · My Albums · My Favorites
Click My Albums

If the album you are going to use hasn't been created yet click Create a New Album

Give it a name, for example, My Pictures on site, then click create a new album.
After it has been created, under the column actions click upload photos.

The first thing on this page to change is Choose a category to upload your images to. I suggest you pick miscellaneous from the list.

The next box should already be set for the name you've chosen for this album.

So now you can upload your picture, Click Browse, (if you are uploading from your P.C.).

Go to where you have saved the picture on your P.C. select the picture, scroll down to upload/submit and the picture will be uploaded.

Right it looks more difficult written down than it really is but you will soon get the hang of it.

Now you want to use that image in a post don't you?
Easy peasy, all you have to do is right click on the image, scroll down to copy Image location, left click and the image is now ready to insert into your post.

Go to your post
Click on the insert image button, (if you're not sure which one it is just hover your mouse pointer on the symbols until it says 'insert image' then left click, a box will open, put your mouse pointer over it right click and then scroll down to paste and left click.
Click the OK button on the box.

Your image should now be in place

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