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Re: Help with English History!

Despite being born in Accrington and having local connections with Blackburn going back to the 1840s, I have Scottish/Irish ancestry and feel proudly Celtic. Although I felt that the Film had little to do with the reality of Wallace or the plight of the Scots under the yoke of the Norman English I did feel uncomfortable and somewhat disturbed by the latter events relating to Wallace’s death. Maybe it’s was the anguish of the ages, the betrayal or just a sense of sympathy for his and the plight of the Scots, I don’t know. I watched the film only once and never brought myself to watch the end of it. I still haven’t.

Colonists are like male children, eventually they get cocky and to big for their boots. The same remedy should always be applied, a swift kick up the arse and a slap now and again to remind then of their origins.

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