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Re: Help with English History!

Originally Posted by steeljack
So I think one can take any historical authenticity in Mel Gibson's Braveheart (producer, director and actor credits) with a pinch of salt
Yeah, I certainly wasn't trying to suggest that Braveheart was a completely accurate portrail. Still, do the Scots/Irish have a "right" to dislike the English? Do they more hate the English elite/politicos or just the English in general. This goes the other way for the common Englishman.

I agree Willow with the biases. Having been raised up "north", always thought the "south" deserved every bad thing that happened to em. However, now living down here I have a whole different view, certainly more balanced. I was embarassed by my ignorance.

It really hit when my parents were visiting and me mum took a fit at seeing the Confederate flag on some of the houses. "They shouldn't be allowed to have that, the stinkin rebels." My dad. always much more balanced merely stated that "it was a flag they fought and died for and have every right to fly it."

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