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re: Missing child in Portugal - Madeleine McCann

Originally Posted by katex View Post
Well, we all perfect little parents on this thread aren't we Less ! Again
I plead let it drop for now .. judgement will be handed out later. Do not wish any negative feelings to distract the searchers which it could easily do.

As for the 'Chav' theme, not in agreement here with you .. they are already raising animosity world wide, and this thread proves it.
No, not perfect parents just the one that tried perhaps that little bit harder, otherwise we would have been in the headlines years ago!

I have never been perfect, but so far as my children are concerned they always came first, if I had to sacrifice a bit of my enjoyment to ensure their safety then I would.

So far as chavs are concerned I only mentioned it because if the parents had been dole huskies they would have been ripped to ribbons by now, but no, these are reasonably intelligent 'middle class' people that still either make mistakes or don't care about their children and so don't deserve to be criticised?
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