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re: Missing child in Portugal - Madeleine McCann

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I've been in a state of panic when I thought one of my children was missing. We were in WH Smith's in Peterborough. She was about 4 and her sister was in a pushchair. One minute she was there by our side holding hands, the next minute she's slipped away and we were frantic, looked everywhere - couldn't see her in the shop or outside in the (pedestrian) street and I was panic stricken - it turned out she'd spotted a children's reading area down the bottom end of the shop and was sitting at a table looking at books. She must have been round the other side of a shelf looking at the books when we first looked down there.

According to some of the judgements passed on this family in Portugal I'm a lousy parent and should have had both my children taken into care.
Thats totally different Willow, you did not make a decision to leave your child, she wandered off, its totally different.
Hope today brings some news, my thoughts are with them and the little girl.
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