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Re: Why is Church forgotten?

Infinitus .......good post , karma on its way , as to the reasons for the demise of Church the only reason I can offer is that Church was primarily a blue collar/working class town with generally poor housing stock, no middle/upper class areas, apart from the Dill Hall Lane area which would best be described as a lower middle/skilled working class area, unlike the other Urban Disticts which amalgamated with Accrington to form Hyndburn. Any employment I remember in Church from the mid 60s was Billy Blyths chemical works , Primrose mill and Rothwells , both on Bridge st.
Also dont remember any secondary education facilities in Church ,most of the youngsters went to Rhyddings in Ossy, or the Boys Grammer school on Blackburn rd , the Girls (if any qualified) to the High school off Whalley rd.

hope you get lots of answers to your post
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