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Post On Line Multiplayer games...

Whilst searching for games to add to the site I have found a few other games to pass away the time:
Globulos, a flash multiplayer strategy game in realtime. Good fun to play against someone you know... if anyone fancies a game send me a message or look out for ukbug usually on server 3!
An F1 racing management game. Only been playing it for a week and the only reason I'm playing it is because it is dominated by foreigners.. no union jacks in the top ranked teams so I want that to change!  If you do join in I have formed a team that you can join called (no. 15674), it only has 2 members and thats me and wingy so it would be great if we could get a few more accywebbers involved. This game takes about 5-10 mins a day to play it.

Anyone else got any suggestions?
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