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Re: photos from xd picture card?

Not a single command mate, automount is very good to the point of being more reliable than windows. Did my EOS 400D work in Vista? Nope, Ubuntu? yes sir, what would you like to do with your pictures? The beauty of having teh under teh covers stuff that you can't get at in Windows is that you can override stuff if you choose, you can even configure it such that you can have full read/write but kids can only have read access. You can even set it so that a device always presents itself as a specific device name, e.g. you might have a camera, a usb c rad reader, a usb stick, an external HD. In Windows it decides what 'letter' to assign it as, in Linux you can set each one based on UUID which never changes so no matter what oredr you shove them in they will ALWAYS be where you expect them.

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