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Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s

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A few old black & whites of Church

No 1. I am the one with the flower. Anyone remember to corner shop behind the Car. In 1966/67, they had a Yorkie. The little B****** bit me over the eye.
The shop on the corner of John Street was Hamers...a general grocery store....opposite was Mrs Bushes fish and chip shop....other corner a toffee shop, can't remember the name (Smithies?) on the other corner opposite Church Kirk School was a grocer called John Holden...He had a daughter who took over the chip shop when Mrs Bush retired (Pat Holden)

I remember a mixture and fish was then 1 shilling and two pence.
in todays funny money that is 6p and no vat.

A mixture and a fish was fish chips and a basin which you provided.

Happy days
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