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Talking Re: Spot the Ball Week 37

Ok firstly - Matthewm56 - deadline for this week was Sunday so cannot accept your guess. Will be posting up the last one of the season in a mo so you can have a go on that one

Secondly - soz guys - only just managed to get in front of the PC - pain in the proverbial Blubird, Barnet fans arent the only ones with snide underhand sneaky tactics round here - eh Matt Scally Joy?

But saying all that, you'll be pleased to know you were right to do that BB79, the answer this week was indeed square 27 :

So congratulations this week to simon, Darby, Roy, AccyRed, Smiffy16, pinkrach, Chester Guy, asfc babe, MichiganRed, woody and last but not leastly, the troublesome twosome Bluebird and BB79.

I will post up the league table to include this weeks results as soon as I can... once again sorry for the delay in announcing this weeks answer.

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