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Re: any pictures of victoria street?

Blimey Boots, 42 years is a hell of a long time.

The River Hyndburn, or 'Stink' as you call it still runs but is obviously a lot cleaner these days, there is no longer all the pollution from the mills at the other side of Accrington. You won't have seen the Sports Centre, just behind the Bridge Inn on Henry Street, as it was only built early 70's iirc.
The old Sacred Heart School was closed and demolished in '76 (I went there) but the new building was built just behind it so it was only a short move.
You'll probably remember how Church Hall wound it's way up to Manor Gardens and then onto Dill Hall, that's also changed. From the Bridge Inn it is now a straight road right up the hill. The road layout was all changed in the early '80's to accomodate the dual carriageway that leads to the M65 motorway.
The Wellington is now an Italian Restaurant called Monte Christo and you just don't want to know what monstrosity is where Joseph Arnold's once was.
I'll try and get out and take some more pics for you if you'd like but in the meantime why not have a look at Google Earth? I'm sure you'd pick out some features
Hyndburn Ramblers Website

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