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Re: Shafted Again By Government

The problem, John, is that the world has come to rely on the Americans, the British & the Australians to sort out it's problems...and the problem with that is that we're damed when we do and we're damed when we don't. I can think of half a dozen places that need sorting out right now...starting with Southern Rhodesia. Mugabe needs topping, and fast. Will it be done? I doubt it. That place was the bread basket of Africa until 5 years ago; now the place is in ruins and relying on hand-outs - blaming the UK and the US, of course.

Meanwhile - Spain - our "partner" in the EU - has unilaterally imposed a shipping ban on any cruise ship that has docked at Gib. They're up to Franco's old tricks and putting the pressure back on. Personally, I think we should retaliate by blowing every dodgy Spanish trawler sky-high out of the North Sea. I can't see them doing out myself; after all, after one incident in Madrid they changed government, threw in the towel and handed Bin Laden his biggest victory in Europe.
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