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I'm not a vexillologist, Bob, but I've certainly never heard of any laws restricting the days/occaisions/places when the Union flag or St Georges X may/may not be flown. Some countries have pretty stict laws on it, but not ours. As far as I'm aware, we're free do do as we please. The only people who appear to believe there are laws on this thing are politically-correct zealots in your local town hall, funded of course, be me and you. If any of these characters should ever visit you or write to you telling you to desist from flying the flag, just tell 'em what to do.

But as far flying it in support of the footy team, don't make me laugh. The last time I saw those idiots line up before a game not one of them seemed able to sing the words of the National Anthem. I'll admit, that was a few years ago but I'm pretty sure I've not missed much (unless someone can tell me that the England football team have in fact won something). There are many occaisions when the flag can and should be flown...but please, don't waste your money or time in flying it for those toss pots.

Can someone wake me up when England are ejected from Euro 04? It's at end of the group stage, but I don't know what date.
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