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Re: How Patriotic?

If you want to fly the flag, then do so. If it's not against the law then there is nothing they can do except moan about it.

Some places over here are stopping companies and people (Or trying to stop them) from flying the British or English flag as some people find it offensive. In my opinion, why come to Britain in the first place if your offended by everything? It's a small minority just trying to control everything which will result in extremist parties doing very well.

If enough people fly the flag and refuse to take them down, there's nothing they can do. There's supposed to be some kind of law (Paris Convention) where your only allowed to fly the flag at certain times. I'm sorry, but i'm English / British and proud, and will fly the flag all the time and no one will tell me otherwise.

In America, most services and people have the American flag flying, we should do the same here.
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