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Originally Posted by ozzyroma View Post
John Cunliffe singer and Lennon look and soundalike, Geoff Greenwood lead guitar, Rishton John on bass, me Malcolm Whittaker drums. Played all the area youth clubs, town hall, wmclubs all around, we were quite well known and not bad if i say it myself. all at accy grammar at the time and it was "o" levels that did for the group - that and hp on our good equipment (20 quid in 4 not much a night!) It was great fun at the time - knew the Warriors. i have a picture but sadly no tapes.
right remember vaguely now, john cunliffe n geoff greenwood went to ossy technical school, they were in my class, remember just about lol , geoff lived in the willows lane area as did john i think, aint seem either though fer many years.
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