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Re: Special Photo Competition (Macro)

What can I say, Iím utterly speechless to get so many votes and to think I always thought these competitions where fixed.
First of all can I thank my son Ben who is 8 for his brilliant camera work and allowing me to use this picture, secondly to all the members who voted for me especially one or two from the Stanley section, who judging by the comments know a thing or two about photography.
Iím sorry Willie Miller but if you want a copy itís going to cost you because Iíve had an offer from an Art Gallery to put on an exhibition so itís now copyrighted.
The model Mr Hairy One The Caterpillar was not easy to photograph as he kept moving and at one point threw a tantrum and leapt from the leaf, as you know caterpillars are very scarce so when he made his bid for freedom we knew the chance of finding a replacement was not an option. In the end everything came together to make the masterpiece that you my dear friends voted for, I thank you once again.

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