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Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s

Hi Atarah,

There is more, I will send some on to you. I have one that shows the gate and I think I have one of the drop box. (loo) to those of younger years. Ours was a true one. Along pipe that seamed to drop forever, over that was a well-worn (shiny Smooth) wood bench. We put a Thunder Box in sometime around 1964/65, before that you just tipped a bucket of water down.

My mum made me a step out of Red Cement mix and broken Nori’s set into an old washing up bowl so I could reach the bench on my own. I remember that the thing was hinged to aid cleaning…more than once I nearly got my head suck in it.

By the way, it was about 1966 before we had a proper bog…We didn’t have an indoor loo or bath until we moved up fern gore to miller Fold.

God we lived like that and loved it.
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