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Originally Posted by Baudelaire
No I'm not French, though I have spent some time there.

Supporting the England team is a good excuse for having a few beers, however I get a bit distrubed when people on this site start 'having a go' at the asian population every time the notion of patriotism rears its ugly head. I actually think that the vast majority of young asians will be behind the England team all the way. Do the millions of English living abroad suddenly start to support their host countries ? I think not.

Regarding the WW2 veterans, most of them would turn in their graves to think of the drunken bigotted antics of many of those who purport to honour them.
Talking of WW2 veterans, I'm pretty sure they would be turning over in their graves if they saw the numbers of our Asian friends occupying England, and the state of "positive discrimination", plus the way our pensioners are treated . My old man spent 11 years in Rawlpindi, NW Frontier and India in the 20's and 30's, and I know exactly what he would be thinking and say about our "New Neighbours". I also spent 4 years in the Middle East, and my son was in Desert Storm. So we have our opinions.

Seriously though, Humour is the lifeblood of the English race, so don't try to reduce it or complain about it, just do as most do, laugh and get on with it.

There is good and bad in every race, but we don't enforce our ways on any one!!
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